BA8063-01AV New Amran fully Modular Armor Carrier for Military Use made by Marom Dolphin (Green Color Available)

This Fully Modular Armor Carrier vest was developed as part of our new concept of a Fully-Modular configuration for military use.?By implementing two of our latest patent pending developments.


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BA8063-01AV New Amran fully Modular Armor Carrier for Military Use made by Marom Dolphin (Green Color Available)

BA8063-01AV New Amran fully Modular Armor Carrier for Military Use made by Marom Dolphin (Green Color Available)


Technical data sheet for- Amran Vest,?Fully-Modular Ballistic Vest.

General Features

The AMRAN vest is a Tactical Fully-Modular ballistic vest for military, police and civilian uses.

Our vest was specially developed & designed while considering the following aspects:

  • To be of a low weight, for the convenience of the wearer.
  • To be easy to use and to handle.
  • Fully-Modular– for allowing each soldier to attach pouches at his own comfort of operation.
  • To be fully comfortable while in use with other tactical accessories such as: ballistic helmets, thigh holsters, etc.
  • To be able to easily adjust the vest even while the vest is on the wearer.
  • The vest is assembled of a front part and a back part made possible to split.
  • Surface material of vest carrier:? Nylon coated with water repellent material.
  • Available colors: Black, Green, Coyote Tan or Camouflage patterns upon request.
  • Available sizes: One size fit all

The vest is composed of the following components:

  1. Front cover of vest
  2. Back cover of vest

Specification of each part of the vest:

1.??? The front cover panel

Outer part features:

  • 3 pouches?for couplers
  • 3 pouches?for grenades
  • 1 pouch for double grenade
  • Hook fastener material for attaching shoulder straps from the back part.
  • Two buckles on each side of the vest for connecting the front part to the back part.

2.??? The back cover panel

Outer part features:

  • A 30 litter detachable bag including a dedicate pouch for water bladder and 2X6 MOLLE webbing for additional MOLEE pouches.
  • A “flat-back” configuration is allowed by removing the detachable bag for caring larger equipment.
  • A drag strap.
  • Two webbings on each side of the panel with buckles for attaching the back panel with the front one.

* Color is for illustration only.

Special components:

  • Marom-Dolphin ? “T Belt” (patent pending)our durable?Weight distribution solution for tactical equipment and?ballistic carriers allows an ideal weight distribution using a?light-weight, padded and flexible waist belt to transfer the load?of the gear from the user?s shoulders to his waist.
  • Marom-Dolphin ? “Pull Tight? (patent pending)?Technology for side closure of the vests allows for natural and comfortable?tightening of the armor carrier and assuring the best alignment ?between the?front and back parts of the vest.

About the T-Belt (Patent Pending):

Our inner weight distributing waist belt for body armor vests. An elastic detachable waist belt made of foam and mesh for air circulation. The main purpose of the belt is to transfer the weight of the vest from the wearer’s shoulders to his hipbone and to allow better tting and higher comfort to the user. The waist belt is elastic & cushioned providing good support to the lower back of the wearer in a way that will not aect the air circulation. The waist belt is quickly and easily adjustable giving the user an ability to make a perfect fit to height within 20 seconds. The waist belt was designed in a way which prevents any interference with other backpack waist-belts and other equipment used by the wearer.

About the Pull-Tight (Patent Pending):

Our specially developed self-aligning side closure is used to connect the front and back parts of body armor vests. The PULL-TIGHT was developed to oer perfect alignment between the front and back parts of the vest and to prevent the user from tightening them in an incorrect location as commonly done while wearing most body armor vests. Tightening of the side closure is by inserting the side flap into the metal loop and pulling it backwards. The side closure is secured with a ap to prevent unintentional opening while walking or any other movement of the user.

Optional add-ons:

Ballistic “Add ? Ons”:

Front and back ballistic panels:

are composed of Unidirectional High Density Aramid fiber based fabric. The areal density of one layer of material is 234 grams per square meter.

Protection level of vest is IIIA according to NIJ 0101.04 standard. The vest offers protection against the following threats:

  • 9 mm FMJ
  • .44 Magnum SJHP

The ballistic protection panel is covered with a nylon cover for protecting the ballistic panels from water and dirt.

2. MOLLE Pouches:

  • A. Radio Pouch
  • B. Magazine Pouch
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Medic Pouch
  • Negev LMG/MAG

Colors are for illustration only and available only in green.

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