Executive bulletproof Vest Protection Level III-A made by Marom Dolphin

This vest offers style and comfort while providing superior ballistic protection. Elegant vest for VIPs, designed to be worn underneath a suit jacket.



Executive bulletproof Vest Protection Level III-A made by Marom Dolphin

Executive bulletproof Vest Protection Level III-A made by Marom Dolphin


Advantages & Benefits:

1. The armor cover area is the largest in this kind of vests.
2. The lightest vest for the armor coverage you get
3. The armor material (Honeywell Goldflex) is the most
? ? advanced?material.
4. The cost efficient ratio is the best you can get.
5. Made by one of the most prestige manufacturer in the?
? ? industry?under??ISO 9001:2008?international standards.
6. 5 year warranty for the armor material and one year for?
? ? ?the cover?from purchase day.

Available in M, L, XL

Spec. Sheet:

The level of protection III-A is a Concealed Body Armor Vest for police and civil uses. Vest is designed and manufactured for best protection of the wearer while keeping it comfortable for wearing while in duty or during everyday activities.


  • The vest is assembled of front and back parts made possible to split. Flexible system of fixing by shoulder bands and waist flaps with Hook & loop fasteners.
  • The design of vest makes possible to remove ballistic soft protection panels out of vest for cleaning of vest.
  • The cover of the vest and the soft ballistic panels are visibly marked by a label containing the below listed details:

-????? Name and address of manufacturer

-????? Model of ballistic vest

-????? Class of protection level according to NIJ 2005 interim requirements (0101.04 STD.)

-????? Size

-????? Lot number

-????? Serial number

-????? Date of manufacturing

-????? Care instructions

  • Surface material of vest carrier- Cotton.
  • Available colors- Black
  • Weight of vest including soft ballistic panels: Approx.?2.5 kg?depending on the size of the vest.

Soft ballistic panels:

  • Ballistic material- GOLDFLEX.
  • Protection level of full vest is IIIA according to NIJ 2005 interim requirements.
  • Ballistic protection area including front & back protection is approx. 0.4 m.
  • The ballistic protection panels are covered with a nylon cover for protecting the ballistic panels from water, dirt and direct sun.

Warranty, Specific Requests:

  • Ballistic protection properties are kept for 5 years when used according to manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Vest carrier warranty is affective for 12 months after delivery against manufacturing defects which might be found by the user.

Available add-ons:


  • Trauma plate- for reduction of trauma caused by bullet impact.
  • Material- EVA Foam coated with two plies of polycarbonate
  • Weight- ?150 gr.
  • Size- 150 X 200 mm


Carry bag for vest.

Production and Finishing:

  • Hook & loop bands have smooth margins for sewing, each end of H&L band is heat cut.
  • Each stitch starts and ends with an overlap of?15 mm.
  • Stitch density is 24-30 stitches in?10 cm.
  • Fabric endings are folded inside and sewed threw all layers of fabric.

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L, M, XL


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