The Micro Roni Gen 4 and RONI G2 are devices designed to convert certain types of pistols into carbines, providing more stability, better grip, and a platform for mounting additional accessories. Below are the usage instructions and features of both systems:

Micro Roni Gen 4

The Micro Roni Gen 4 is also known as Micro Conversion Kit (MCK), and it transforms your Glock pistol into a more stable and ergonomic weapon platform. Here’s how you can install and utilize it:

  1. Installation: Press a button at the rear to unlock the rear hinging door, pull the charging handle to the rear, and press the Glock into the charging handle until it locks into the Glock’s rail system. Close the door, push it forward, and lock it into place​.
  2. Ergonomics and Controls: While maintaining the Glock grip angle, you can find more support with an angled forward grip. The magazine and slide release remain the same as on the Glock. The safety, ambidextrous charging handle, and other controls are easy to access and use​.
  3. Range Performance: With Micro Roni Gen 4, controlling the weapon is easier due to the added brace, weight, and forward grip. It provides better control during rapid fire and enhances accuracy, especially when coupled with a red dot optic​.


The RONI G2 is another conversion kit for Glock models, offering a lightweight chassis to improve control and accuracy:

  1. Installation: The RONI G2 requires no pistol disassembly; simply drop the pistol into the shell of the conversion kit​​.
  2. Enhanced Accuracy: The additional weight of the RONI Stabilizer STAB chassis and easy mounting solutions for optics help improve accuracy​​.
  3. Grip and Stability: The RONI G2 provides a better grip, stability, and a platform for many accessories, thus extending the range, faster aiming, and better accuracy of your pistol​.

These conversion kits serve to bridge the gap between pistols and carbines, providing users with versatile platforms that extend the utility and performance of their handguns.

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