RONI C G2: Too much or the exact match?

The Roni C G2 by CAA (Command Arms Accessories) is a unique accessory designed to enhance the functionality of certain Glock pistols. Here’s an organized look at its history, characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages, along with a sales pitch for retailers:

What is Roni C G2?

The Roni C G2 is a pistol carbine conversion kit developed by Command Arms Accessories (CAA). It’s designed to fit Glock 17 and 17C of generations 3 and 4. The conversion kit includes a 16-inch barrel that enhances precision and gives an aggressive appearance. The Roni C G2 conversion provides a better grip, improved stability, and a platform for various accessories, thus transforming the pistol into a more versatile weapon​.


  1. Improved Precision: The 16-inch barrel allows for better precision compared to the standard Glock barrel.
  2. Versatile Accessory Platform: The conversion kit provides multiple rail systems for attaching lights, lasers, and night vision devices, making the firearm more adaptable to different operational scenarios.
  3. Better Grip and Stability: The design of the Roni C G2 provides a better grip and stability, enhancing the handling and operability of the firearm.
  4. Extended Range: With the conversion kit, the pistol’s range is extended, allowing for faster aiming and better accuracy​.


  1. Increased Weight: The addition of the conversion kit will likely increase the weight of the firearm.
  2. Cost: The cost of the conversion kit could be a deterrent for some users.
  3. Compatibility Limitations: The Roni C G2 is exclusively designed for specific Glock models, limiting its applicability.

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