The best conversion kit for a pistol in 2023

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In 2023, there are several notable pistol conversion kits available on the market. Here are some of the options:

  1. META Tactical APEX Series Carbine Conversion Kit:
    • Price: $499.99 USD
    • Converts pistols to a bullpup style rifle
    • Compatible with Glock, S&W, and P80 in calibers including 9mm, 10mm, .40, and .45
    • Kit includes a chassis, a 16” drop-in replacement barrel, and a muzzle device
    • Not compatible with suppressors due to proprietary threading on the barrel
    • Compatible with custom slide cuts and aftermarket slides​​.
  2. Micro Roni Conversion Kits:
    • Basic Kit Price: $399.00
    • Advanced Kit Price: $499.00
    • Pro Kit Price: $629.00
    • Offers better grip, stability, and a platform for many accessories, aiming to provide a greater effective range and better accuracy for your pistol​.
  3. Recover Tactical P-IX+ Carbine Conversion Kit for Glock Pistols:
    • Price: Ranges from $224.95 to $274.95 depending on the configuration
    • Specific for Glock pistols​.
  4. MechTech Systems Carbine Conversion Unit (CCU):
    • Converts Glock, 1911, or Springfield XD into a pistol-caliber carbine
    • Versatile and acts as an upper for semi-automatic pistols​​.
  5. Command Arms Acc – Roni Conversion Stock For Glock® Gen 3 & 4:
    • Light and durable construction
    • Easy setup requiring no disassembly
    • Compatible with a wide range of Glock models​.
  6. CAA Micro Roni Stabilizer Pistol Carbine Conversion for Glock:
    • This conversion kit offers an enhanced grip, stability, and a platform for many accessories for Glock owners, aiming to improve the effective range and accuracy of the handgun​​.
  7. Glock Carbine Conversion Kits:
    • They provide an entirely new experience with Glock pistols, with the added ability to use accessories typically reserved for rifles​.

Each of these conversion kits serves different purposes and is designed for different types of handguns. It’s essential to choose a conversion kit compatible with your specific handgun model and the calibers it supports. Moreover, pricing varies significantly among these kits, so it’s advisable to consider your budget and the specific features you require in a conversion kit.


Conversion KitConversion StyleCompatible HandgunsIncluded ItemsUnique Abilities
META Tactical APEX Series Carbine ConversionBullpup Style RifleGlock, S&W, P80Chassis, 16″ barrel, Muzzle deviceProprietary barrel threading, Ambidextrous ejection port
Micro Roni Conversion KitsCarbineNot SpecifiedNot SpecifiedEnhanced grip, stability, Accessory platform
Recover Tactical P-IX+ Carbine ConversionCarbineGlockNot SpecifiedNot Specified
MechTech Systems Carbine Conversion Unit (CCU)Pistol-Caliber CarbineGlock, 1911, Springfield XDNot SpecifiedConverts handgun to carbine
Command Arms Acc – Roni Conversion StockCarbineGlock Gen 3 & 4Not SpecifiedFive-Position Buttstock, Adjustable Shoulder Stock
CAA Micro Roni Stabilizer Pistol Carbine ConversionCarbineGlockNot SpecifiedEnhanced grip, stability, Accessory platform
Glock Carbine Conversion KitsCarbineGlockNot SpecifiedEnables rifle accessory usage

This table outlines the conversion style, compatibility with handguns, items included in the kit (where specified), and any unique abilities associated with each conversion kit. Some of the unique abilities include proprietary barrel threading, adjustable stocks, and enhanced grip and stability for better accuracy and effective range. Please note that not all details are specified for every conversion kit, and it’s advisable to check with the manufacturer or retailer for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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